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Page written by Lucie Viossat

Conflict and violence

In a marital relationship, it is important to differentiate between conflict and violence. Conflict in a couple can exist and is not sanctioned by law. The two points of view of the members of the couple are opposed, but in an equal relationship, in a perspective of negotiation and compromise.

Conversely, violence is one-sided and consists of a relationship of domination and seizure of power by one of the two partners over the other. The violent spouse wants to control, to belittle his / her partner, to exercise a hold that can be difficult to get rid of and to try to keep him / her isolated from his / her family and friendly circle.

The violentometer, carried out by the Center Hubertine Auclert, the Observatories of Violence Against Women of Seine-Saint-Denis and Paris, the association En Avant All (s) and the Paris City Hall, is a good tool to determine whether behaviors of a person towards his / her spouse.e can tend towards violence.


The violence is not necessarily physical; it can take different forms which, in the case of domestic violence, often add up. We distinguish:

  • psychological violence:  intimidation, threats, e